Aerith Harajuku

Aerith Harajuku

Japan Fashionista

Aerith has been into J-Fashion for around 5+ years now.

She is passionate about Japanese Culture and especially Kawaii and POP-Culture.
On her recent trip to Japan she likes nothing more than visting the Kawaii
Mecca which is ‘Harajuku’, or the ‘Fashion District’ of Shibuya which houses
the famous 109 Shopping Mall.

Make sure you to take the chance to come and Meet Aerith, talk about J-Fashion
and all the Sub-Cultures within it. There is something for everybody,
every style and every taste!

There is even the Chance to WIN a Top from Leading Fashion Brands
‘Galaxxxy’ and ‘Listen Flavor’ in the “Best J-Fashion Dressed” Award.
Strut your stuff at the ‘Fashion Talk’ for a chance to be chosen the winner
by Aerith.

ONLY… at Animangapop 2018!