Twitch Live Streamer

Leah is One of the UK’s most successful female online gamer
who has made her living becoming a full-time streamer! She has
over 146,000+ twitch followers along with her large Social media
following on Twitter and Instagram.

Leah has been streaming since March 2015 and by June 2015 had gone full time.
Through her influencer career so far she has worked with Sony for the Playstation 4,
Advertising with Microsoft for Halo Wars 2, promotion for Bungie with Destiny 2,
along with working with the BBC on a couple of shorts, articles with Buzzfeed.

When Leah is not in front of her PC, or Flying around the world to Shows in LA, Florida
or sunny ‘Birmingham’ she is involved in a number of charities raising over £25,000 for
Cancer reseach UK, MIND Mental Health and many others.

Make sure you to take the chance to come and Meet Leah, talk about gaming, streaming
Cosplaying, ONLY… at Animangapop 2018!