School of Aikido

Martial Arts Showcase.

Animnagapop are happy to announce that Plymouth School of Aikido' will be performing for us this weekend. They are a non-profit organisation run on a voluntary basis by club members for the good of the whole club. Both sexes and all grades train together. This leads to a relaxed, dynamic atmosphere, where all learn from their time on the mats; often with beginners giving insights to old techniques.

The school style is traditional Aikido, with influences from both KI and martial styles. The School has been in existence for over 30 years. We have trained and developed over 42 Dan graded students (Black Belts), who have spread throughout the world to places including the UK, Europe and Japan.

We are affiliated to Shin Gi Tai Aikido under the directorship of Soke Gwynne Jones, which is a national federation of clubs and is one of the largest members of the British Aikido Board (BAB).

The membership is very active on and off the mat with training sessions exceeding 15 students per class. Many members organise social events for the whole membership in their own time.

Make sure you check out their live Martial Art showcases during the weekend.