Kelsey Ellison

The multi-talented Youtube Superstar!

Animangapop are Super excited to welcome one the busiest modern-day social media superstars, which of course is the one and only... Kelsey Ellison!

When this young lady is not busy creating awesome content for her YouTube channel and 100,000+ followers, she is either producing her own mix of 'kawaii-inspired', super catchy POP-Tunes such as 'Pom Pom, Ponytail or BOOM BOOM'. She is acting in film such as 'Solo, A Star Wars Story.' or even... Writing, Producing and Staring in her very own 'Harry Potter' Fan Film (currently still in production).

This Multi-talented, Social Media Sensation will be performing Live on Stage for you all. Then later, do not miss the YouTube Panel Talk. Due to Commitments Kelsey will only be appearing on the Saturday Only so make sure you do not miss out.