Sun Lotus Taiko

Taiko Drumming.

Spectacular spiritual drumming duo Stu and Ziggy met in 2009 at Kagemusha Taiko’s classes at the Phoenix in Exeter. They formed Sun Lotus Taiko in Totnes in 2011 and played their first show in September 2011 at Bowden House, They play melodic yet adventurous original work with strong choreography. Stu is the Sun - a powerful player with a big smile. Ziggy is his moon match - often matching Stu’s rapid-fire beats but then showing poise and stillness as contrast.

Sun Lotus played 18 shows in 2018, including Wonder Fields Festival, Brixham Dragon Boat racing, carnivals in Lifton, Ashburton and Teignmouth and all the Totnes Artisan Market events. Audiences that haven’t seen taiko before are blown away by the spectacle of the show. Those in the know are impressed by their precision and inventiveness.

In September 2018, Sun Lotus launched a regular taiko workshop at the Shekinah Mission in Torquay. Here, Stu teaches taiko with an emphasis on relaxation as the key to great drumming.